Lisa Palmer - Pilates ExtensionAbout Lisa

I am an exercise enthusiast and love running, cycling and working out in general. I have always been energetic and passionate about exercise. I started out as a personal fitness trainer and was taking Pilates classes for myself. I soon realised the benefits of the method after seeing the changes in my own body with regard to strength and flexibility and how it advanced my cycling performance. I loved it so much that I worked towards becoming a Pilates instructor and I have been working in the Pilates industry since 2007. I am fully qualified in the Pilates method having trained internationally under James Raaff & Associates and with Pilates ITC in Australia. I am also a full member of the Pilates Alliance of Australasia. I thoroughly enjoy working with people to achieve their goals, whether it is for rehabilitation, training for specific sports or events, through your pregnancy or post pregnancy or just because you love Pilates as much as I do. I like to make the classes fun, exciting, energetic and educational so that you can better understand what your body needs to be in peak condition and have a great time getting it there.

I am also a mum to two gorgeous twin boys who keep me extremely active! They don’t stop for a second and I am hoping to have two little budding Pilates enthusiasts when they get a little bit older. They love running around, playing outside and are full of energy and vitality. I hope this comes from me and I aim to always put this same enthusiasm into my Pilates practice and teaching.