Pilates Studio

Pilates Extension is based at the home of the founder, Lisa Palmer, it is located within a lush, tranquil garden setting. It is a full-service studio offering a range of classes, from individual sessions through to a variety of group-based classes and features top quality Pilates equipment. The studio boasts exquisite wooden flooring and large windows that fill the area with natural light and offer a fantastic and relaxing view for your workout. Pilates is a system of exercise that is for everyone, so whether you are just starting your exercise programme or are an experienced student of the Pilates method, you will find a class or have a programme designed for you to specifically suit your needs.

Pilates Extension is different. It is about personal attention, providing the best possible movement system for you to work out so that you achieve your goals and using this to connect the mind and body so that the movements we make are intelligent and all have a purpose for you as an individual. With a range of experience behind me, I have developed my own approach to teaching the Pilates method and it is worth coming in to see for yourself what it can do for you.