A Fabulous Anytime Soup!

Fabulous Anytime Soup

I absolutely adore soup (even in summer) and this one is so easy to make, it tastes fantastic and really fills you up. I love soups that are really chunky and have lots of different ingredients that you can actually chew on. This soup is a full meal on its own – with vegetables, protein and carbohydrates it really ticks all the boxes. (more…)

Zesty, Spicy Chickpea Salad…

Zesty Spicy Chickpea Salad

With all this amazing hot weather we are having, summer is most definitely on its way, and that means more salads and light meals on the menu. I am always looking out for healthy and exciting salads that aren’t just the usual run of the mill lettuce, cucumber and tomato variety and my mom has the most amazing chickpea salad recipe that I am going to share with you. I love this salad! It is refreshing and light, citrusy and spicy and just seems to hit all the right spots. Mmmm… delicious!


It’s your first class at the studio…

Pilates Extension - Studio

With the opening of the new studio, everyone will be a new client whether you have done Pilates before or are just interested in starting out, so everyone is in the same boat. It is natural to feel a nervous anticipation before you get here for the first time. (more…)